Employer Loan Assistance

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We help employers offer student loan assistance as a benefit.

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What does the benefit cost?

This is a very low-cost / high-value benefit. In most cases, the benefit costs around what it would cost you to host a catered lunch for your employees or members. Pricing depends on the size of your organization, the kind of program you want to offer, and how much customization you want to offer.

{On a personal not, I had them review my wife's student loans and they were successful in finding ways to assist us in lowering both our monthly payments and shortening the repayment time frame of the loans. The free consultation is worth it and I recommend it to anyone who has outstanding school loan debt.
President Mastrangelo
{Our experience with the National Student Debt Forgiveness Center was phenomenal! We had Joe Basmagy come into our office to speak to our associates- Joe was super simple which made all the information understandable. His educational approach was great and all of our associates gained tremendous value from his presentation- Also, he was able to help some of our associates with their own student loan debt concerns and they all said Joe made process very simple and hassle free. I still continue to tell all my clients about this company and Joe, they are good people doing good things!
38APK A Santiago Valero
{We had an informative and entertaining presentation from NSDFC at our first Lifeline College Night, hosted by our church. We learned so much, in an engaging way, about very life transforming principles that potentially can change our financial status.
Lifeline Restoration Ministries
{As the EAP Coordinator of Manhattan Psychiatric Center my job is to simply answer to the needs of my employees at my agency. Employees conveyed the desire for me to obtain an organization that provided education on student loan debt relief and the options that existed for employees. I quickly utilized the services of the National Student Debt Forgiveness Center and loan specialist instantly reached out to my staff members and started to assist them with their debt crisis. Their was an instant influx of employees that signed up to receive consultations and my staff members expressed to me how grateful they are for receiving the assistance from the National Student Debt Forgiveness Center. They helped staff members reduce monthly payments and checked their eligibility to participate in long term student loan forgiveness programs. They are professional, informative, patient, understanding, and diligent. I recommend the services of the National Student Debt Forgiveness Center to all agencies!
Vanessa Johnson, MBA
{Good afternoon. I wanted to thank you for holding the student debt relief webinar. It was very informative and also very convenient. I didn’t have to hire a babysitter in order for me to attend. Major points for that. Also I spoke with Mike at the center and I was able to save a lot of money and my loans were put into the proper program. Thank you again for have such great opportunities for people who aren’t able to attend in person.
Peggy Vageli Stigas
{Hello Carolyn! I just want to thank you for setting up this workshop! It was a success. I especially want to thank your representative, Estee, for coming to P.S. 226 to help the staff. I received compliment after compliment on his professionalism and detailed knowledge. I look forward to working with you next year!
Chapter Leader P.S. 226
{I really , really appreciate all u have done on my behalf. Thank u so much , what a blessing u have been to me; I will be sure to pay it forward one day :))
Suzzanne C.
{Just wanted to let you know that I was in a big dilemma before starting this process. The rehab program was very quick and easy and really made a difference with my monthly payments. I am so appreciative of Lisa. She made this process very easy and always responded to any questions that I would have. I could not thank her enough for going through this process with me. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful person working for your company.
Jennifer McElroy

Thank you all so very very much!!!!
It is such a relief to get out from underneath this loan. It has weighted on my heart for a while. Other agencies that I have tried I could not do what you have done and I am greatly appreciative.

So, thank you again. God bless you. Have a great week!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you both for ALL your help!

Kimberly D Comeau