Student Loan Forgiveness Counseling

The sharpest tool in your benefits toolbox

Want to improve retention, boost recruitment, and engage more productive, less stressed employees?


Join the 35 percent of employers getting creative with their benefit packages and offering student loan debt counseling and education!

The Problem

Although group benefit packages tend to focus on 401(k) investments and health insurance plans, student loan debt assistance has become one of the fastest growing offerings—and for good reason. The numbers don’t lie. With more than $1.7 trillion owed, student loans are the second biggest source of consumer debt after mortgages and affects nearly 45 million Americans. 2023 has been a watershed year for student loan borrowers, and 2024 is poised for the same. The time to offer student loan benefits is now.

$1.7 trillion Student Loan Debt (Federal & Private)

45 Million Borrowers in United States

60% of college graduates have student loans

48% employers offer or plan to offer student debt assistance

78% employees want employer to offer student Debt benefit

How does the benefit work?

National Student Debt Forgiveness Center provides consultative services dedicated to helping your employees achieve financial freedom from student loans. Help your employees get what they are entitled to. Most federal student loan borrowers are eligible for lower monthly payments and a faster path to forgiveness than they realize.

  • Benefit available to private-sector, public-service, and non-profit 501(c)(3) employers and group organizations
  • Support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives
  • Increase retention and attrition
  • More productive, focused workforce
  • Empower employees to make strong financial decisions

Employees Need Help With Student Loan Debt

Borrowers are increasingly looking towards employers and benefits administrators for help with their student debt.

“Employees are clear about their need for student loan solutions. It’s now up to employers to recognize the opportunity they have to lessen the significant mental and financial burden of this debt for their employees—while cultivating a more cutting-edge benefits package that can also appeal to prospective talent.” –BenefitsPRO


said they would consider not leaving their employer if they had access to student loan benefits




believe their employers should play a role in helping them pay down their student debt


say their decision to take a job would be impacted by if an employer offered student loan repayment


Fidelity Investments found that half of new hires said the student loan benefit was a major factor in their decision to join a company.


86% of young workers would commit five years to an employer that helps them pay off their student loans, showing the value that these benefits can play towards retention.

Happier Employees

76% of stressed employees say financial worries have had a negative impact on their productivity; within that group; of those, 25% say the impact has been severe or major

What do you get with the benefit?

Customized, expert communications program

Branded webinars

One-on-one phone consultations

Free personalized plan of action

Group Utilization Metrics

Employee/Member Education

Discounted fees for document preparation

Ongoing Borrower Support

What does the benefit cost?

This is a very low-cost / high-value benefit. In most cases, the benefit costs around what it would cost you to host a catered lunch for your employees or members. Pricing depends on the size of your organization, the kind of program you want to offer, and how much customization you want to offer.